Register your
phone number

Thank you for showing an interest in our network. Our aim is to provide community based mobile service in places that do not have coverage from the main providers. We will not sell your information to third parties and will only use it to contact you in relation to the wavemobile network.

By registering your phone number, you give us permission to transmit your true caller ID to a called party when you make a call on our network. This will also allow us to route incoming calls with your permission once we are able to do this. Once you register we will send you an SMS which you must reply to within 24 hours.

IMPORTANT: We will also need your IMEI because we are not your network operator. This can be retrieved by typing *#06# into your phone. Please enter the entire IMEI to register you for service.

Finally, and most importantly, you will not be charged for any calls, data or services when on the wavemobile network. It’s free, simple as that (although we do reserve the right to prevent you consuming massive amounts of data on our limited bandwidth).